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About Our App

It all began with a discussion on cultural differences between François Marquet, photographer and mountaineer, and Lorenzo Felici, international computer consultant, long-time friends and frequent travellers.
"During our travels, we understood the importance and richness of cultural differences, but also how far reality was from preconceived ideas... We then imagined a simple tool to help people see this reality for themselves and give them the desire to get to know foreign cultures. That's why we came up with Minutesight, a free application designed as a global community of users. We connect people anonymously and allow 1min sights around the world. Minutesight offers HD video, instant calls, operates without language barriers and is free. Why 1min? Everyone can offer 1min of their time, and it's long enough to feel the mood of a place"


Minutesight is HD1280x720 to cope with the bandwidth available in most countries. If the bandwidth decreases, the resolution decreases to avoid transmission shutup.

Retina Ready

Minutesight is ready for Full HD and more when 5G will be available.


The geolocation data sent to us by your device GPS is encrypted before transmission and will remain on our servers only 24h. We cannot link these data to a user ID as no sign-in is required.


Minutesight transmits peer to peer private video. The content you transmit doesn't go through our servers.


Minutesight users are anonymous to each other and to Minutesight. The caller doesn't know who he is calling, and the filmer doesn't know who he is filming for.

Free of Charge

Minutesight is free of charge as part of its concept. Minutesight is free and will remain so, we have designed Minutesight as a common good.

How The App Works?

No Sign-Up

Minutesight doesn't need to know much about you, and it's not necessary to sign-in to use Minutesight. However, if you want to help as an influencer, or become a proactive member we will apreciate your feedback and contact info.


When installing, Minutesight will ask your permission to use GPS, Camera, Movement detector and to send you notifications. Motion detection is necessary to spare battery when your device doesn't move.

Interactive filming

The caller send direction arrows to the filmer's screen to direct the framing.

Hotspot Mode

Ready to film an interesting place? Declare yourself as Hotspot.

Privacy zones

You can define your privacy zones in the settings, such as home or office. In these areas, you do not appear on the map or receive any notifications.


Installing Minutesight gives 40 points. Filming gives you a point, receiving images costs one point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With which smartphone can I use Minutesight?

Minutesight works with iPhone 6 or newer, with iOS 11 or newer operating system, an Android version is being finalized.

What is the resolution of the Minutesight video??

HD1280 x 720.

Why should I allow Minutesight to use 4 functions on my smartphone?

You must allow Minutesight to use the following equipment from your smartphone: GPS for geolocation, camera for filming, motion detector to save battery power when the smartphone is stationary and notification reception to be notified of calls from other users.

Does Minutesight transmit sound with the image?

Yes, but only in the filmmaker-caller way, the caller receives a video with the sound ambiance.

What do the points on the map mean?

The points represent the carriers of Minutesight application.

Can I call anywhere in the world?

Yes, if there is a purple user dot or an orange hotspot user dot on the map.

I am ready to shoot in an interesting place and I activate the Hotspot mode. What's going to happen?

You will appear on the map as an orange dot. You will be given priority to receive video request notifications.

May I ask who is filming for me?

No, Minutesight calls are anonymous.

I receive a notification to film. May I ask who is requesting the video?

No, there is no ID linked to GPS data.

Can I know where the caller is located during a Minutesight?

No, the caller's geolocation data is not transmitted to the the user who is filming.

What can I ask a Minutesight user who is filming for me?

With the virtual joystick on your screen, you can request lateral or vertical panning, slow or fast, or oblique movements.

I film and see arrows appear on my screen, what should I do?

You must film by making panoramic movements in the direction of the arrow, with a faster movement if the arrow is double.

I am filming, how fast should I do the panning movements?

If there is only one arrow on the screen, turn towards the arrow at 1/4 turn (90°) in about ten seconds. If there are two arrows, double the speed (about 5 seconds for a 1/4 turn)

Can Minutesight shoot in vertical framing?

No, for a more cinematic image, Minutesight only works with horizontal framing.

Can I ask the user who is filming to walk?

No, the Minutesight user films for a minute around him without moving.

Sometimes the image quality is not HD, why?

If the network bandwidth is not sufficient, the image quality is lowered to avoid a communication shutup.

Is geolocation data stored?

No, without refreshing for 24 hours, the user's data is deleted from our servers.

Can I use Minutesight from a privacy zone?

Yes, you will be able to make Minutesight calls from a privacy zone but in this zone you won't appear on the map and will not receive any notifications.

Does Minutesight store videos?

No, and it's not possible to do so: videos are peer to peer videoconferences and do not pass through our servers.

Can I record Minutesight videos?

Minutesight does not allow you to record videos but you can do so via the screen recording of your smartphone.

May I film and transmit everything with Minutesight?

No. You must not transmit offensive or illegal content. You must not film people without their consent.

There are several users in the area I'm calling in, which one will answer?

The first to accept video request notification.

There are a large number of users in the area I'm calling in. Do they all receive a notification?

No, a maximum of ten users receive the video request notification.

When travelling, if I disable data reception abroad, can I use Minutesight?

Yes, provided you are connected to a WiFi network.

Why does Minutesight work with points?

To encourage users to accept video request notifications. The community works by exchange between members. To be able to receive videos from community members, you must also film for community members.

I don't have any more points to call with Minutesight, what should I do?

Two solutions: 1 you can film to earn points. 2 you can subscribe to our newsletter: when you register, you receive a code to collect 20 points.